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We Must Take a Note from Singapore’s Book

Singapore is one of the smallest countries in the world. It is no more than a few square miles and it is so densely packed, there are millions of people in a single space. Even though this country used to be part of something far larger, it is now a hub for growth, commerce, and (as we like to discuss on this blog) the free market!

Championing the free market is something that doesn’t come easy to a lot of people. As we can see from the current political climate, it seems everyone is trying to tear down the established free market and move in a different direction.

Europe, Singapore and the East

When we look at the free market economies of the world, the most interesting thing is comparing where things have developed and where they have now gone. For example, when you are going to a place in Europe and you see many of the richer countries, there a socialist or communal aspect to these countries.

The taxes are very high, the social welfare system is quite robust and there are a host of other benefits that you must consider as well. Most of the time, people who are in these countries feel more socialism than the people who lived in ex-communist countries!

For example, look at Poland or many countries that were formerly under the Soviet Union. Many of these countries have adopted the free market completely in an effort to enhance their economies.

Singapore is no different and, in fact, after the British have left, they are one of the best in Asia. One piece of evidence to suggest this is the Singapore sme loans marketplace. Combined with Hong Kong, the free market is so strong in Singapore that billions of dollars are flowing in and out all the time. There are millions of people using their experience in Singapore to change the world and it’s all because of the free market.


Useful Tips for Installing Water Heaters in Small Spaces

This is a guest post from a small business in America trying to make a name for itself. Here at Free Market America, our number one priority is helping small businesses to achieve their dreams. Without further ado, here is dream kitchen. – Editors note

Space is the main problem these days in modern houses. With a growing population and increasing demand for two bedroom houses or small flats, we are left with very little space to build our dream kitchen in. Calming nootropics can help us deal with the stress of high-density living, but so can intelligently using the available space to maximize our quality of life.

So to install even a small water heater is a task to be done carefully and with a lot of preparation. One little hack that can make a big difference is where to position your water heater. So here are some tips for installing your water heater in these small spaces.

First thing to remember is, don’t buy those enormous heaters you see in DIY stores; instead go for the small ones. You wouldn’t buy a jumbo-pack of smart drugs when you just needed a few to help you cram before your finals! The last thing you need is to buy something too big and it can’t fit so you will either have to return it or remodel your house. Remodeling a small kitchen to fit a large heater is going to be a Herculean task.

But be very careful while selecting the space for installation. When you have just a few feet of space and then have to install the pipes in such a manner that water flows through it without any obstructions or clogging, it is obvious that you will have to employ an expert. Does that cost money? No – it saves money.

The placement of a water heater kitchen must be clearly thought through. Some say that installing the water heater below the sink is ideal. However, the risk involved is that during the use of the pipe to wash dishes or vegetables, some water may drip on the heater which may cause it to short circuit. So it is inadvisable to place it there.

You should not place the heater beside the refrigerator. Also, it should not be installed on any front-facing wall as it will look very ugly and spoil the overall look of your kitchen.

So the only space left is if you have a small storeroom near or attached to your kitchen. It will be safe there as it will not come into direct contact with water, so the risk of it short circuiting is gone. The only thing you will need to do is to ensure there is proper electrical connection from the storeroom to the kitchen and it will function well.

The best thing to do if not sure about the exact size or the right steps to take is to consult an expert. However, if you are fairly certain of what is needed then as long as you take into advisement all that is mentioned in this article as well then you will do just fine.

What are the Best Nootropics of 2017?

The free market is always the loudest critic of B.S. and when the Federal government in the USA has made terrible decisions regarding supplementation, the market is always the first one to provide their opinion. In the case of the recent rulings on kratom and CBD oil, it is important to see what most consumers are seeing rather than the typical government perspective.

While it makes sense the government would want to keep people from using CBD oil often, it is nonetheless somewhat irritating because they have patents on using this drug for certain purposes. This does not mean there is a conspiracy to ban CBD oil in an effort to make more money from a monopoly, but it is something that is fishy nonetheless.

When it comes to improving the quality of your cognitive performance, one of the best ways to do that is through the use of CBD oil, which is one of the best nootropics of 2017. Over many years, people have started to develop a taste for nootropic drugs that are more and more outside of the bounds of the common discourse. For example, many people like psychedelic compounds like LSD and psilocybin. This is a great trend from a research perspective, but not from a legal one.

Making sure you are safe when you buy nootropics of any kind is a multi-part process that you should adhere to at all times. Make sure that you have the right perspective if you want to take any drugs. This might mean taking the Braverman test in order to get better results, for example.

Beyond that, you might want to find other options that you can use in order to enhance your cognitive performance. The vast majority of people who are using nootropic drugs for the purposes of enhancing their brain find that they can use only the right kind of stacks. These include things like alpha Brain or CILTEP if they are lucky!

How to Use Nootropics for Deep Work

The eloquent and knowledgeable author, Cal Newport, has come out with a few different books that make a big difference in the lives of others. One of the biggest books that you will be able to take advantage of is called Deep Work and it is about how to do really deep mental tasks that take the most mental energy and time. However, he talks about strategies and how to do the things in your daily life to have a better experience with deep work without mentioning chemicals or nootropics.

While he did not mention them, nootropics can play a really important role in improving the quality of deep work that you do. Instead of facing down a daunting task on your own, it is possible to easily finish some high quality work with the use of nootropics if you do them the right way.

  • Routine and nootropics – one of the biggest parts of getting into a flow state with deep work is the process of routine. By making things a habit, your mind can shut off as to what comes next. It can focus on what you are doing in the moment and how that impacts your life. Most of the time, it is going to help you to take nootropics before your work routine so that you can get the best benefits. For example, taking a coffee in the morning after waking up at the same time will offer your deep work an added punch. We recommend powerful nootropics like oxiracetam for extra focus and concentration.
  • Concentration and deep work – as with any type of high quality work, concentration plays a huge role. If you want to get he best work done, you need to have the concentration that can only come from a couple of things. One, make sure all distractions are put away and out of your mind. Second, add some nootropics like phenylpiracetam that are going to improve your ability to focus on the task at hand.