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How and Why to Use L-Theanine

Imagine you wake up early in the morning, hit your alarm, and roll out of bed. The only real thing that is getting you out of bed is the motivation to grab coffee. The work you need to do and success you’re looking to achieve are only possible with that cup of coffee, right? Well, sometimes people take that cup of coffee too far and they end up anxious, stressed, and unable to focus on the work at hand.

If this sounds like something you struggle with, then you need to try to make sure that you have an alternative option to help you out. L-theanine is a great natural amino acid found in tea that might be able to do the trick.

The benefits of L-theanine are manifold, but most people who take it instantly notice the sense of calm from using the drug. It helps to improve alpha brain waves, which are associated with relaxation and calmness that many people find during meditative states. Most people who are trying to improve their overall health and wellness could benefit from using something like L-theanine in their routine.

How do you know if L-theanine is right for you? Well, the benefit of this nootropic is that it is natural and occurs in green tea. Most people respond very well to it and it is generally regarded as safe (GRAS) according to the food and drug administration in the United States.

Now that you know why to use L-theanine it is time to focus on the how. Dosing L-theanine with caffeine is simple because the best ratio is 2:1 respectively. You just need 200 mg of L-theanine paired with a cup of coffee to see the positive effects of these two together; or you can try a dietary supplement that contains both, there are many available on the market, such as Natural Stacks smart caffeine, or Pure Nootropics 1-2-Go. We like 1-2-Go as it is a cheaper option and contains theobromine in addition to the 2:1 ratio of L-theanine to caffeine.