How to Stop Fatigue Before it Happens

Fatigue is a sinister thing that many people find incredibly disruptive. Many people who are trying to get rid of their feelings of fatigue don’t even realize that they have lost a lot in their life as a result and will continue to do so until they sort it out. The vast majority of people who are trying to improve their cognitive function don’t spend the time to realize that fatigue is something they can get rid of if only they spend the time to do so. Most people who are struggling with fatigue can use nootropics and smart drugs to make a big difference.

In this article, you’re going to find out how to prevent fatigue and come into a place where you are able to get the best results for your brain with nootropics and smart drugs. These cognitive enhancing drugs will help you to avoid long-term damage and other problematic symptoms.

What Causes Fatigue?

There are many reasons why you might be feeling fatigued, but the number one reason is a lack of sleep or poor sleep quality. When it comes to fighting fatigue, it is important for you to consider how you are going to do that through the use of different nootropic drugs. For one thing, adenosine is a factor that is involved when talking about fatigue. If you can block the adenosine receptors through caffeine, you can successfully prevent any issues from fatigue.

One of the ways that we can do that is to make sure that you take caffeine and L-theanine together. This combination is one of the most well-known beginner nootropic options. You can take the l-theanine by itself, but there are caffeine and L-theanine pills that you can buy for sale.

There are many things that cause fatigue besides adenosine, but that is related to a lack of sleep quality or quantity. One of the other ways to combat this, despite what preconceptions you have, is through the use of creatine. A drug like creatine monohydrate can actually help to reduce your feelings of fatigue and enhance the quality of your cognitive performance.

Most of the time, you’ll find that there are great alternatives to this as well. None of them are going to be a limitless pill, but they can still help to make your experience a lot better. If you are trying to create a life for yourself that is free from fatigue, you have a few options as we have shown. You can choose to use these nootropics, but there are a couple of things we’ll provide for you as well.

Conclusion Regarding Fatigue

If you are trying your best to maintain a healthy disposition, it is a good idea to make sure you get enough sleep. No matter how many nootropics and smart drugs we provide for you, it isn’t going to solve all of your problems if you are not spending time getting better sleep. The vast majority of people miss this simple step and try to focus on a limitless pill that will solve all their problems. This is a fallacy that just isn’t going to happen and it is best if you avoid thinking this way if at all possible. It will make your life a lot easier.

No matter what you do, keep in mind that fatigue may also be a sign of something more important to rectify. You may need to speak to a doctor to find out more about the adrenal system or other thyroid issues that can be a sign of something even worse for the long term.

Two Tools Changing the Nootropics World

When it comes to the free market, any competitive advantage one can get is useful. This is often in the form of hiring better people, sometimes getting creative help, but sometimes it has to do with the cognitive abilities of those involved. For example, a company that is taking cognitive enhancing drugs (also known as nootropics) will be able to improve their overall quality of work. Most people who are effective leaders know that performance enhancing drugs are moral so long as they are legal. Heck, we all use caffeine as a cognitive enhancer at any given time.

The following article is going to help talk a little bit about tools that are changing the world of nootropics. As you will see, these items are making big moves in the nootropics world and they are having an impact on how people view their work.

Nootropics and Modern Technology

When people talk about nootropics, what they usually mean are drugs that are useful for improving cognitive performance. Many of them are drugs that can help to remove feelings of anxiety or stress (in doing so improving cognitive function). Also, it is important to consider how it is that these drugs improve memory retention and learning ability in addiction to concentration.

The vast majority of people who are improving their cognitive abilities through the process of nootropics don’t start in the right way. They need to include more technology into their lives. Here are the two main technologies helping nootropics users:

  1. EEG – the EEG machine is a helpful tool that allows scientists to look at brain scans when people are using certain drugs. By looking at these brain scans, it is possible to see what kind of effects are going on in the brain. For example, one nootropic by the name of L-theanine showed enhanced alpha brain waves. These brain waves are important because they indicate creativity, added concentration, and learning ability. The EEG machine is the only way for us to know that things work in this way. Without the machine, we are clueless about this.
  2. Personal bio-data – the other type of technology isn’t one tool per se, but a myriad tools. It is the FitBit that people use, heart rate variability tools / watches all built in to one, and a range of other things. The personal data that comes from these tools makes a big difference because it allows people to better understand themselves and how they are supposed to be correcting their habits and supplementation regime.

These two technologies are helping many beginners to use nootropics in an easy way. Either it helps them to better understand what it is they are taking before doing so or it improves their ability to track whether it is making an impact on them.

Nootropics Everyone Needs to Try

If you are new to the nootropics world, you now have a few ideas of technologies that can help with cognitive enhancement (and why to use them). Here are a list of the nootropics everyone needs to try:

  1. Aniracetam – this is a smart drug that has been around for a few decades that improves memory retention in addition to concentration and focus. Aniracetam benefits are manifold and you can better understand them when realizing they are a derivative of GABA. There aren’t many aniracetam side effects besides a headache, but most people don’t have to worry about this. One aniracetam benefit for memory retention and focus can help a lot of people in their work.
  2. Noopept – another great nootropic drug, this option will allow you to better understand the meaning of stimulating and memory enhancing. The combination of these two benefits might make it challenging to use anything other than noopepet. You can learn more if you click here.

Drinks that Make America Great Again

If you have been watching the news, there is a common slogan amongst the Donald Trump supporters that they would like to “make America great again”. While this seems like a great slogan, it is funny that anyone considers America in need of an overhaul. To be honest, we are more interested in the free market forces of the country than the election (despite how closely correlated they are).

What we are going to do is cover a few drinks that will make America great again by virtue of stimulating the kind of growth and achievement that this country needs. These drinks are called “nootropics” and often have been discussed as the smart drugs that have led to the Limitless movie.

Drinks Across America

One of the main drinks that you can expect is going to make this country great again are nootropic drinks like BrainJuice. This is a brand of nootropics that is sweeping across the USA mainly from the home base in Austin, Texas. The vast majority of people who are using nootropic drinks with cacao find that it is a useful tool that can improve concentration and adds many nutrients that the body craves.

Combining the BrainJuice and the CocoTropic drink we mentioned will help you to get the benefits of nootropics without taking all the pills and powders that might you feel like you are medicating yourself instead of enjoying a subtle boost in your work abilities.

For most people who are taking nootropic drugs it is important to consider all the implications. Just because you want to get ahead and make a difference doesn’t mean it is worthwhile if it hurts your health. Keep this in mind when you are using nootropics as a way of improving the health of your brain in general.

Even though America is already great, we want the free market to flourish based on a competitive advantage that we have over the rest of the world. This means that only the cream will rise to the top.

Aniracetam or Oxiracetam for Stimulating Memory Enhancement

When it comes to improving your memory and enhancing your stimulation at the same time, it is a good idea for you to consider what type of drugs you are going to use. This is one of the reasons why so many people decide to take aniracetam or oxiracetam as opposed to the piracetam smart drug. There are so many alternative drugs that you can take, but these two are some of the best for this holistic approach.

There are many aniracetam benefits if you use the drug in the right way with some type of fat source and in smaller, but repetitive doses. These benefits are increased attention and focus, but also include some type of clarity and putting pieces of a puzzle together. When you are trying to use aniracetam in order to improve your cognitive abilities, you might want to also consider if you can use a choline supplement as well. Many people who do this see even more tremendous benefits.

Another option is to use the oxiracetam smart drug in order to get high quality results as well. The benefit with oxiracetam is neuroprotection. You might see the oxiracetam neuroprotective benefits if you are trying to recover from an injury or just want to prevent age-related decline. Either way, it is beneficial for you to protect your memory.

When people get started with things like aniracetam or oxiracetam often they are confused about how they should go about it. In most case, with these drugs, consider taking more frequent doses that are smaller throughout the day. The drug can be stimulating, which feels great and makes a big difference, but also allows you to focus on something completely different.

Thus, the answer to the question should I take aniracetam or oxiracetam is actually a more ambiguous answer: it depends. There are plenty of ways for you to improve your health and focus on what you are trying to achieve through the process of trial and error. Just keep trying new things and see what works best for you.

The Reasons to Try Nootropics

sunset-1177315_960_720For new people to the brain enhancing space, there are several ways to get started. Some people find that natural methods of improving brain health are best, such as fasting or drinking enough water and having a good diet. However, there are other methods called nootropics that are incredibly impactful. It depends on what you are taking and looking to achieve, but there are nootropic options you can utilize that will greatly improve your cognitive abilities.

  1. Nootropics can be natural options – if you are interested in nootropics for improving brain health, but don’t want experimental drugs, you can have that option. The best nootropics are the ones that have been used for thousands of years by traditional cultures, such as Indian and Chinese. There are nootropics like ginseng, ashwagandha, bacopa monnieri and others that can improve your brain without needing to go into any experimental phase.
  2. Globalization – you might wonder how globalization has an impact on whether you should take nootropics, but take a look at it from a competitive perspective. You’ll find that globalization is causing far more competition for brain power worldwide. Suddenly people from China who are very intelligent are competing with people in the western world, which means that any advantage needs to be taken to get ahead.
  3. Nootropics are safe – A lot of people automatically assume that anything which alters the brain is not safe. This is not true and nootropics are some of the most well researched products you can buy. Obviously it varies depending on what you are searching for, but in general you are going to find all types of options that have a lot of studies and evidence. There are also plenty of online anecdotes to help you see other people’s experiences.

3 Ways to Prevent Alzheimer’s

Whether you are in your 20s or already aging through 50s and beyond, it is important for you to prepare for old age and the diseases that often come with it. Most people don’t realize, but there are ways that you can prevent some of the illnesses that come with old age. People believe that it is only a matter of time before memory loss starts to cause problems, but with the right diet and supplementation, it is possible to prevent Alzheimer’s for a lot longer. Use these 3 ways to learn how.

  1. Choline – this is the easiest way to prevent memory loss and related problems. Just try to get enough choline in your diet daily and you’ll have a lot more of the neurochemical called acetylcholine, which is useful for improving your memory and preventing neurological decline. This is often found in eggs and in organ meats so if you are not a fan of eating liver and kidney, make sure you have enough eggs. Otherwise, take an alpha GPC or CDP choline option.
  2. Piracetam – the godfather of racetams and nootropics, piracetam is a great way to prevent neurological decline through adequate protection mechanisms. You’re going to find that the vast majority of people who are working on improving their memory can also protect it through the use of this drug.
  3. Oxiracetam – even though piracetam is the papa-bear, oxiracetam is a great method of preventing memory loss. In studies on rats, oxiracetam was the best drug for reversing memory loss caused by trauma so this could be a great option if Alzheimer’s has already started to creep in.

Any one of the above nootropics can be found at, they are a reputable nootropics vendor that carries a wide variety of nootropic supplements.While this is a relatively basic list, it is a great place for you to start so that you do not end up with any long term damage to your brain.

How and Why to Use L-Theanine

Imagine you wake up early in the morning, hit your alarm, and roll out of bed. The only real thing that is getting you out of bed is the motivation to grab coffee. The work you need to do and success you’re looking to achieve are only possible with that cup of coffee, right? Well, sometimes people take that cup of coffee too far and they end up anxious, stressed, and unable to focus on the work at hand.

If this sounds like something you struggle with, then you need to try to make sure that you have an alternative option to help you out. L-theanine is a great natural amino acid found in tea that might be able to do the trick.

The benefits of L-theanine are manifold, but most people who take it instantly notice the sense of calm from using the drug. It helps to improve alpha brain waves, which are associated with relaxation and calmness that many people find during meditative states. Most people who are trying to improve their overall health and wellness could benefit from using something like L-theanine in their routine.

How do you know if L-theanine is right for you? Well, the benefit of this nootropic is that it is natural and occurs in green tea. Most people respond very well to it and it is generally regarded as safe (GRAS) according to the food and drug administration in the United States.

Now that you know why to use L-theanine it is time to focus on the how. Dosing L-theanine with caffeine is simple because the best ratio is 2:1 respectively. You just need 200 mg of L-theanine paired with a cup of coffee to see the positive effects of these two together; or you can try a dietary supplement that contains both, there are many available on the market, such as Natural Stacks smart caffeine, or Pure Nootropics 1-2-Go. We like 1-2-Go as it is a cheaper option and contains theobromine in addition to the 2:1 ratio of L-theanine to caffeine.

3 Steps to Get Better Posture

Healthy people don’t often consider their posture as part of their overall health goals, but it is an incredibly important part. For one thing, the posture that you keep is indicative of and contributes to the health of your spine. Without a healthy spine, you can’t do much of anything! It is important to keep your spine as healthy as possible, which is why exercising with care is important and wearing a seatbelt can save your life.

The better posture you seek might not be as hard as you think, either. Using these 3 steps, you can get a better posture so you can feel better and look more professional.

  1. PostureStrengthen your back – one thing that is going to be key when it comes to your posture is back strength. If you have a strong back, there is a good chance you will be able to stand up tall and sit with good posture. One thing you can do is deadlifts, which are exercises that increase the strength of your lower back.
  2. Round your shoulders and puff your chest – if you have ever seen a really confident person, they usually have a puffed up chest and really wide stance. That is actually just good posture, which is another advantage of improving this aspect of your body. Just take your shoulders as they are right now, roll them back and lock them into place. Most people have shoulders that are too narrow and it yields a rounded back.
  3. Foam roll your back – whenever it comes to maintaining your posture, you have to offer support when you can. One way is to get a massage, but this can get expensive. Another alternative is to use a foam roller and roll out your back as best as possible.

How to Use Nootropics for Deep Work

The eloquent and knowledgeable author, Cal Newport, has come out with a few different books that make a big difference in the lives of others. One of the biggest books that you will be able to take advantage of is called Deep Work and it is about how to do really deep mental tasks that take the most mental energy and time. However, he talks about strategies and how to do the things in your daily life to have a better experience with deep work without mentioning chemicals or nootropics.

While he did not mention them, nootropics can play a really important role in improving the quality of deep work that you do. Instead of facing down a daunting task on your own, it is possible to easily finish some high quality work with the use of nootropics if you do them the right way.

  • Routine and nootropics – one of the biggest parts of getting into a flow state with deep work is the process of routine. By making things a habit, your mind can shut off as to what comes next. It can focus on what you are doing in the moment and how that impacts your life. Most of the time, it is going to help you to take nootropics before your work routine so that you can get the best benefits. For example, taking a coffee in the morning after waking up at the same time will offer your deep work an added punch. We recommend powerful nootropics like oxiracetam for extra focus and concentration.
  • Concentration and deep work – as with any type of high quality work, concentration plays a huge role. If you want to get he best work done, you need to have the concentration that can only come from a couple of things. One, make sure all distractions are put away and out of your mind. Second, add some nootropics like phenylpiracetam that are going to improve your ability to focus on the task at hand.